Penasquitos Pump Station

Penasquitos Pump Station

LocationSan Diego, CA
ClientSan Diego Water Authority

With the new Pump Station Building located in an environmentally sensitive canyon area, TECTONICS worked with the City of San Diego’s Project Manager, and local wildlife and homeowners’ groups to ensure that the architectural design for the building was harmonious with the surrounding environment while de-emphasizing the industrial nature of the facility. Integration of public art on the site was also an essential part of the project. As a member of the design team, TECTONICS was involved in public participation workshops to present the proposal concept, building design, colors and materials to the predominantly residential community.

A 2,000 sf building to accommodate maintenance of pumps and other equipment was included as part of the project and was designed to complement the station.

This project received a design award from the San Diego ASCE Chapter in 2000.

The project achieved its goal for 24% energy use reduction and LEED certification. security for the building, including provisions for alarms, entry control, and resistance to forced entry.