Skinner Water Treatment Plant

Skinner Water Treatment Plant

LocationTemecula, CA
ClientMetropolitan Water District of Southern California

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), which provides safe and reliable drinking water to nearly 18 million people, added ozone disinfection facilities to its Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant, a 630-million-gallon-per-day potable water treatment plant that operates 24/7. The Skinner plant consists of 7 treatment modules, with a total of 11 flocculation basins, 8 settling basins, 124 filters, and a 110-million-gallon finished water reservoir. The plant is located in Winchester, CA, and is one of MWD’s 5 filtration plants. It supplies treated water to 2.5 million customers of three MWD member agencies—the Eastern and Western Municipal Water Districts in Riverside County and the San Diego County Water Authority—and is the prime source of drinking water for the San Diego region.

The Skinner Water Treatment Plant is currently one of the largest ozone facilities in the United States. It will improve water quality by lowering disinfection byproducts to meet new federal and state laws, reducing taste and odor, and by allowing an unrestricted blending of MWD’s two water sources—California State Water Project and the Colorado River.

TECTONICS provided architectural design on the new buildings and structures of this $183 million project, as well as perimeter landscaping and a new Entry Gate complete with anti-terrorism / security provisions. The industrial buildings and structures included:

  • An Ozone Generator Building to house five 4,000-lb/day ozone generators
  • A six compartment ozone contactor structure with capacity to treat 600+ million gallons per day
  • Two Chemical Storage buildings containing three chemical storage and feed systems (sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and caustic soda) to control pH, taste, and odor
  • Switchgear and Electrical Buildings