TRITON Maintenance Facilities

TRITON Maintenance Facilities

LocationNaval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA
ClientU.S. Navy

The current program for the TRITON Unmanned Aircraft System includes maintenance and training functions to be located at the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Point Mugu. The project provides a centralized maintenance hub and infrastructure needed to support the program, comprised of an aircraft maintenance hangar and a high-security Launch and Recovery building with shielded rooms and electronics.

The hangar houses shop spaces, training room, and administrative spaces to support the mission. Special requirements include installation of the Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) fire protection system for the TRITON-occupied hangar bay. The existing hangar doors will be refurbished with a new sheet metal, fabric skin, and new electrical motors and controls. The existing door tracks will remain and will be cleaned and repaired to insure the doors work properly. Two of the existing overhead bridge cranes will be re-powered and used by the TRITON program. Total building area renovated is 56,650 SF, on two levels.

The Launch and Recovery facility (L&R), approximately 1,500 gross square feet, includes primary and backup climate control and power to support UAS communication systems. Special requirements include radio frequency interference shielding pilot area, shield-lock vestibule, and shielded server room. The facility will also house various antennas to be mounted on a 65-foot high freestanding, pre-engineered tower structure, adjacent to the airfield.